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The term Anaesthesia is derived from the Greek words ‘an’ meaning ‘without’ and ‘aesthesis’ meaning ‘sensation’. Thus, anesthesia literally means ‘without sensation’

Cutting-edge anesthesia care with constant medical evaluation for surgery, pain control, and support of life functions up to medical discharge ensuring comprehensive approach and care.

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  • Local anesthesia: Numbs small area of the body. You stay awake and alert during the procedure.
  • Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation: Uses a mild sedative to relax you and pain medicine to relieve pain. You stay awake but may not remember the procedure afterward.
  • Regional anesthesia: Blocks pain in an area of the body, such as an arm or leg. Epidural anesthesia, which is sometimes used during childbirth, is a type of regional anesthesia.
  • General anesthesia: Acts on your whole body. You go to sleep and feel nothing. You have no memory of the procedure performed.

If you have to undergo any surgery, your doctor will first administer you a drug called ‘anesthetic’. Anesthetics reduce or prevent pain during surgical procedures. There are four main types of anesthetics that are used in the healthcare industry. The type of anesthesia to be used by your doctor depends on many factors like the procedure of your surgery and your current health.""

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