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The department of neurology has every facility for the investigation and treatment of diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves. The Department is equipped with State of the art neurophysiology lab and equipments to monitor acute stroke.

The Department has facilities for intravenous as well as intra-arterial thrombolytic therapy for acute strokes. The department is equipped with modern EEG and ENMG Lab. Neurosurgery is a highly complex surgical branch which deals with the brain spine and nerves. It -Requires a high level of surgical expertise. Common problems deal by the neurosurgeon are the trauma patients like head injuries, spinal injuries, tumors, spinal tumors, brain hemorrhage hydrocephalous nerve injuries or tumors disc prolapsed , spinal dislocation unstable spine congenital malformations etc. The other diseases in which advanced neurosurgery may be required are seizure or epilepsy control and movement disorders like Parkinson s disease etc.

OUR team of doctors Neurological provides different services such as disorders as headache, seizures, epilepsy vertigo stroke, movement disorders, spinal cord Disorder, etc.

The Neurology Department in Rama Hospital is one of the best and most well coordinated centre in Kanpur. The superspeciality department of Neurology boasts of highly experienced doctors combined with the best of latest diagnostic equipment and professionals handling then Supportive diagnostic and therapeutic service are provided by department of radiology laboratory medicine, pathology, physiotherapy, etc.

Our Achievements

  • Neurosurgery - More Than 700
  • Spine Surgery - More Than 800

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