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Rama Hospital Pharmacy offers best and most reliable Pharmacy from leading manufacturers. Our Pharmacists serve & treat our customers with respect & dignity round the clock.

Rama Hospitals provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products, surgical, disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements.

Our commitment:

  • Round the clock services from registered Pharmacists.
  • Wide range of pharmaceutical items, surgical & disposables, life saving and general healthcare products.
  • Compliance with the procedures and rules mentioned in the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  • Storage of drugs as per guidelines to maintain their potenc.
  • Computerized billing.



OPD Pharmacy: On the ground floor near entrance to provide easy accessibility to OPD patients.
IPD Pharmacy: On the first floor near wards to provide easy accessibility to IPD patients and Operation Theater staff.

Pharmacy at Rama Hospital is conveniently located in the campus of the Hospital and is open 24/ 7. All your medicine needs are taken care at our day and night Chemist Shop.

Right from rare drugs to surgical material, this shop stocks them all. Stringent quality control ensures that medicines at the shop are completely updated and are of highest quality. It stores enough drugs so that necessary drugs are available at all the times. Since we house most of the major drugs necessary in the medical treatment, the patients and their relatives have easy accessibility to the required drugs any time.

Our hospital pharmacy has all medicines, which are authentic and stored as per required standards.

Our pharmacy is staffed only by registered pharmacist.

Services available round the clock

Outpatient pharmacy: Chemist & Druggist store is located on ground floor for the OPD patients.

In Patient pharmacy: Medicines and surgical items are made directly available through the inpatient pharmacy to the admitted patients.

Rama Hospital operate their pharmaceutical services on a 24 hour basis, selling over-the-counter products, prescription only medicine and surgical products.

All pharmaceutical products are sold at Government approved prices and the storage of all products is subject to storage guidelines. Easy access is available for customers in close proximity to consultation rooms.

Some specialties of our pharmacy are:

  • Appropriate patient counseling.
  • Extemporaneous preparations.
  • Baby and mother care products.
  • Nutraceutical products.
  • Surgical Devices.
  • Safety and quality aspects of all products.
  • Only government approved registered drugs are available.
  • Orthopedic support and mobilizing accessories.
  • Portable diagnostic devices such as Glucometers, Blood pressure meters etc.
  • Strict cold chain maintenance for vaccines and heat sensitive products.

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